Land of Lunigiana

It's Countries : (Hight Lunigiana) Filattiera - Mulazzo- Pontremoli- Zeri  -   ( Middle Lunigiana) Licciana Nardi - Bagnone - Comano - Podenzana - Tresana   - ( Low Lunigiana) - Aulla -Fivizzano - Casola - Fosdinovo.

Lunigiana is the region to the extreme north of the Tuscany in means between Liguria and Emilia Romagna , stretching beyond the Apuna Alps. Lunigiana, named after the moon, is a magnificent land with a rich history and many traditions. this region is characterized from sweet hills, crowned from the Appennines mounts and the Alps Apuane, covered of precious jewels therefore like hollow of that white marble , a lot loved from Michelangelo, and that still today it adorns  the houses and the public squares of all the World. Lunigiana is kissed from the sun and the climate is mild, the sweet atmosphere and resting, where you will be able to inside enjoy long walks in the multiple distances trekking inside forests, between fungi, fruits of the underbrush, trees of olive tree, chestnut tree, oak, pine, and rivers with limpid and incontaminate waters. Lunigiana is the ideal atmosphere for who has need to unload stress of the phrenetic life in the chaotic cities and wants to discover to the fascination of ancient traditions and cultures, or want taste the traditional kitchen:  cheeses, typical food and wines of this country, where people are cordial and available.



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